What to do when you wrongly bypass the Windows recycle bin

Did you know that by using Shift and Delete on a selected Windows file, you can send a file or folder into oblivion, bypassing the windows recycle bin? This saves a great deal of time when you want to cleanup no longer needed files that are laying around your desktop. It also allow you to be much more selective as to which files you place in the recycle bin. That way, when you do empty the Windows recycle bin, you can be certain that every file you discard is completely unwanted. Unless, you really weren’t paying attention as closely as you should have when you emptied the recycle bin or that folder you disposed of using shift/delete contained dozens of files you actually need. When files are accidentally deleted and the recycle bin is inadvertently emptied, there is a simple, readily accessible solution.

That solution is to use REMO undelete, the world’s most powerful undelete software. How powerful is REMO undelete? It supports hard drives over a terabyte in size. The REMO program for recycle bin recovery can actually scan one of these huge hard drives and based on a few simple criteria you place in effect, find and restore a single file. No other program to undelete files is half as effective as this dynamic data recovery tool from REMO.