Ways to recover deleted files on Mac OS

operating system is more flexible and user friendly than that of the Windows OS. But its functionalities and features are somehow similar to Windows operating system. So the file loss situations in Mac are as frequent as that in Windows. Sometimes we delete some files considering them unnecessary and later we realize their value. Though file undelete process is very tricky in Mac but still we can recover deleted files on Mac using good file recovery software. Here we have some common file deletion scenario in Mac operating system discussed below:

Common File Deletion Scenarios in Mac OS:

  • Accidental Deletion: Files in Mac OS can be deleted due to human errors deleting a file using shift + delete keys combination and later feel the necessity of that file, erasing the wrong file instead of any other file, formatting/reformatting any other partition instead of any other partition.
  • Improper Formatting: Formatting/reformatting a partition in Mac operating system without taking proper data backup can also delete some important data. Installation of new operating system without proper data backup could be another reason for file deletion in Mac.
  • Unexpected Reasons: Files can be deleted due to unexpected reasons like sudden power failure or improper shut down of the Mac operating system while some file operation is not completed. Bad sectors in hard drive of Mac OS can also lead to file loss.
  • Crashed Storage device: If the storage device is crashed or physically damaged due to any reason then the files stored in it become inaccessible. A non-booting hard drive in Mac OS also makes files stored in it inaccessible.
  • Trash bin bypass: Deleted files using delete key are stored in the trash bin from where we can restore them back. However files may bypass trash bin due to exceeding in size and get deleted automatically from trash bin.
  • Error in Conversion: Error in file system conversion can also delete some important files in Mac OS. Files can also be deleted in Mac operating system due to error encountered in partition conversion.
  • Third party application: Critical files may be deleted due to improper function of third party.

After experiencing file deletion in Mac OS due to any of the above mentioned scenarios, it may seem that the deleted files cannot be recovered. But all the files deleted from Mac operating system can be undeleted using Remo Recover (Mac)-Basic Edition. But you should stop using the storage device from which you have deleted the files in order to stop the deleted files from getting overwritten with newly saved files. Because once the deleted files are overwritten with some new contents means they can never be recovered.

Following features of this software will help you to restore those deleted files on Mac operating system. This software scans the entire storage device from which the files are deleted to undelete those files. Files emptied from trash are also recovered by this software. It also recovers files deleted due to accidental formatting of Mac volumes. This software restores files from HFS+, HFSX and FAT partitions. You can view the retrieved files before actually saving them. You only have to download the software to undelete your files on Mac OS.