How to undelete lost files from hard drive?

Data loss occurs in hard drives due to various reasons like accidental deletion of the file, accidental deletion of a drive, formatting of the drive or partitions, corruption of the data due to file system corruption, software malfunction, files infected by virus, hard drive failure and power fluctuations etc. in such cases you can easily undelete files from hard drive using lost file recovery software.

When you accidentally delete a file form the hard drive it directly sends those files to Recycle Bin, later you can easily recover those deleted files easily from Recycle Bin. When your file is lost or bypasses from Recycle Bin in such cases It is possible to recover lost files by using good lost file recovery software.

How to undelete files?


The important criteria for selecting an application are check whether the software can recover data from various data loss scenarios including deleting drive or partition, lost partitions, reformatted or repartitioned drives / partitions. The computer stores different types of data using different file formats. Since you have different data like documents, photos, videos, music etc stored in your computer, make sure that the software supports recovery of these data stored in different file formats. Verify the software allows you to preview the recovered files before saving.  Before installing the software check the software is a Read-Only application it does not involve any writing operation while performing recovery.  Download the demo version of the software to check capability of the software in recovering lost files.

  • Stop using the hard drive further to store new files because it gets overwrites old data by new data
  • Connect the hard drive to a another computer as a secondary storage device
  • Download and install recovery software to the computer to recover lost files
  • Run the software , read the instruction given by the software to underlet lost files from m hard drive