Recovery of RAW images

Digital cameras have been a revolution in the world of photography. Digital cameras have made the photography process so simple and affordable, that millions of photos are being captured every single day, by users all over the world. While amateur photographers make use of low end digital cameras, professional photographers make use of high end DSLR cameras for capturing images.

DSLR cameras are high end cameras, which are capable of producing high quality images, due to the advanced optics that is made use of in these cameras. Unlike the low end digital cameras that produce images in formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF etc., DSLR cameras make use of customized image formats depending on the manufacturer like, Canon makes use of CR2 and CRW image formats and Sony makes use of ARW and SR2 formats.

Though there is a difference in the type of camera, and the quality of the images produced, there is no difference in the storage device used by these two types of cameras. Both types of cameras make use of flash memory card for storage of data, and hence chances of data loss are high in both the cases. RAW image photo recovery needs to be done with extra care, as the image files are large in size, and every minute detail need to be recovered.

RAW image file recovery is made easy with REMO Recover (Windows) Media Edition software. This digital photo recovery software lets you recover RAW image files of different formats like CRW, CR2, NEF, ARW, RAW, 3FR, MRW, ORF and SR2. The data recovery software also lets you recover audio and video files of all well known formats from hard drives, USB drives and flash memory cards.

How to use REMO to recover deleted photos

Believe it or not, REMO has accomplished something truly amazing by providing consumers with a product that can safely recover deleted photos. Using the software is really easy and they designed it with an interactive interface so that it’s easy to use and you will be guided through the process every step of the way. When you buy the software, you will first want to install it. Installing REMO Recover Photo isn’t hard to do and it is a matter of clicking the download link and then when the instructions appear, you proceed with the install. Once that is completed you will want to navigate to where you installed REMO Recover Photo and click on the application icon so that you can run the software. This will probably be on your desktop by this point but it’s possible that you might have to navigate to your programs folder within your local disk.

Next you will need to tell REMO Recover Photo where it is that you want the software to attempt and recover photos from. The program will present you with all of the drives that are connect to your computer. From there you will select a drive and then click “Next.” On the next screen you will find various types of image, music and video types. Remember, REMO recover photos works for not just photos but music and video files alike. On this screen you will need to select the formats that you want to search for. If you are unsure, you might need to select all of them but you will get lots of results. Click next and the program will begin, then you will need to select the files you want to recover and then proceed to select where the new location you want to store them is and have REMO write the files.

Recovering Photos lost from a Kodak Digital Camera

Though Kodak digital cameras have exciting functionality to offer, incidents of photo loss are also indivisible stories. Losing digital memories can be a frustrating experience for a Digital camera user. At such data loss situations, data backup can help you to recover from such problems, but if backup is not available, this causes inescapable situation of using Digital photo recovery software.

A digital camera user might experience several issues, such as mentioned below:

  • The SD card fails to communicate with the camera
  • Accidentally delete few photos or other digital file, probably because you failed to understand the ‘Delete’ buttons
  • As you insert the SD memory card in the camera, it freezes and you need to close the camera forcefully

Apart from accidental file deletion, the other events can also result if you don’t insert the SD card in the expansion slot properly or use an uncertified memory card.

Remo Recover Photo (Windows) software comes into play when there is no proper backup to restore. This software is a scanning based utility that recovers the lost, deleted or missing digital files from any digital media. This software is easy to use and safe. It supports nearly all cameras, memory cards (including SD and SDHC), hard drives etc.