How to wipe data beyond recovery?

Most of you want to delete your data permanently in order to prevent the data even after deletion. Sometimes you do not want to share personal or crucial information even with co-workers or family members. When you want to sell or donate your computer or want to dispose the physically damaged hard drive, you need to take some precautions in order to erase the data completely so that it will not be recoverable even after deletion.

Most of the people delete all contents from computer and formatted/reformatted the drive and thinks that they have erased the data completely and permanently. But the actual content of the data is not erased from the hard drive but only invisible from the computer and by using any good recovery software you anyone can recover your deleted data or information. Now you might be thinking how to wipe data beyond recovery. So if you want to wipe out the data completely, by using good drive wiper software you can easily erase the data completely and permanently. Drive wiper software can erase data from hard drives, disk drives, memory cards, flash drives, CD or even DVD drives. It can also wipe out the data both from FAT and NTFS file systems. I also faced the same situation when I want to sell my computer and completely erase the data from the hard drive. I though how do I wipe hard drive on xp so that it cannot be recoverable in any case. By using drive wiper software I was able to wipe out the data permanently.

Features of drive wiper

Some of the common features of drive wiper are

1. Drive Wiper erases the data completely by wiping its contents beyond recovery. It destroys the name, date and all contents of the data and erases it from the hard drive.

2. It offers different wiping methods prevent the data from recovery by using any software and hardware recovery tools.

3. It completely destroys data even from previously deleted files.

4. It erases swap files, cookies, “Locked” Windows files, index.dat and even the entire drive.

5. Supports any capacity hard drive.

You can easily download the drive wiper software by following steps:

Steps to download drive wiper

Step 1: Download and install the free trial version of drive wiper software using administrator’s privileges. The software should be moved from ‘application’ folder to ‘desktop’ for convenience.

Step 2: Double click to quick launch the software and select the appropriate drive or partition.

Step 3: After selecting the drive, partitions or storage devices from which the files needs to be erased completely click ‘Next’.

Step 4: On clicking next the software will start scanning the drive and start the wiping process.

Step 5: On clicking ‘Next’ a list of files, folders or documents will wipe out completely by overwritten the binary values multiple times.