Simple Solution to Recover Files from External Hard Drive

Few days back, my external hard drive performance has decreased and it was responding very slowly. So, finally I decided to format my external hard drive in order to improve the performance of my external hard drive but unfortunately I forget to take the backup of my important files stored on external hard drive.  After completing the formatting process, suddenly I realized that my entire hard drive data storage is gone. This is the most wounded situation for me which I never faced before and started thinking How is it possible to recover data from external hard drive?

After reading lots of article on internet I got the idea for recovering data from external hard drive. It is very simple and can be completed in a few steps by using Disk Recovery tool.

Common Scenarios of data deletion from external hard:

  • Accidental deletion: While deleting the data from computer using “Shift+ Delete” option can cause permanent deletion of data from your external hard drive. In such scenarios, recovering data from external hard drive is required. Some other scenarios of accidental data deletion is power surge while moving the files from one storage location to another using Cut and Paste method that can cause data deletion from your external hard drive.
  • Formatting: Formatting the internal hard drive accidentally will lead to deletion of entire data stored inside the external hard drive. Sometimes user might do partial formatting of drive which corrupts the file system on the external hard drive this is another reason for deletion of data from external hard drive.
  • Reformatting/re-partitioning: Reformatting/re-partitioning of file system without taking prior back up of stored data on external hard drive can cause the data deletion from external hard drive and other scenarios like unexpected system shutdown while converting the file system from one format to another can also cause data deletion from external hard drive.
  • External hard drive issues: Boot sector corruption, MBR corruption, virus and malware infection  also cause the deletion of data from external hard drive and prior recovery of deleted data is required.

If you come across these above mentioned data deletion scenarios on Windows or Mac computer then you do not need to be panic .You can easily recover these deleted files by using Disk Recovery tool. Disk Recovery tool is the most reliable, compatible and widely used tool i.e. specially designed for data recovery from external hard disk.

Features of Disk Recovery tool:

  • Disk Recovery tool is for used recovering data from external hard drive on Windows operating systems of all the latest versions like Windows XP, Vista,7,8, 10, 2203 server and 2008 server etc.
  • It also allows recovering deleted data from Mac operating system platforms in all latest versions like Leopard, Lion and Mavericks etc.
  • The tool designed with additional scanning algorithm that quickly scans all deleted files like audio, video, documents, images, text etc.
  • It can also recovers the data from other secondary storage devices like flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks etc.
  • This tool recovers the data from following types of external hard drives like: ADATA, Buffalo Technology, Seagate, IoSafe etc.