Restore data on Mac and Windows systems

Computer users are increasing in count day-to-day because it is useful for various purposes. And Windows OS is usually used on most of the desktops and Mac OS is exclusively utilized on Apple systems. Computers store all of the data on hard drives, including operating system, program files, etc. The system hard disk drives usually are built-in and each hard drive will have certain file system which decides data allocation in the hard disk memory space. The hard drives file system on Windows OS could be NTFS or FAT file system, while on Mac OS hard drive file system will likely be HFS and infrequently NTFS. The data from the hard disk drives can be lost at certain situations.

Assume that you employ Windows system. And you also desire to backup the mandatory data on external hard drive So, you connected the external drive on to the system and during the process you accidentally formatted the system hard disk which erased all the content in the drive. The data backup process had not been completed plus you’ve lost precious data from the hard disk drive. In such situations, the best approach to recover lost data from the formatted drive is with the help of file recovery programs. When the data lost is occurred by Mac system you’ll be able to utilize file recovery program for mac and restore the lost files. But before using any recovery software to recover data make sure that the formatted hard disk drive is not overwritten because storing of the new data will overwrite the memory space of the drive thus causing permanent loss of data.

Various reasons that can result in data loss from Windows and Mac systems are:

  • File deletion – The files when deleted using key combination shift + delete on Windows or command + shift +delete on Mac system will probably be permanently deleted. Because if you delete any file with these particular key combinations then the data will bypass Recycle Bin and Trash thus resulting in permanent deletion of files.
  • Threats – If the system hard disk drive is virus affected then the data stored into it would become corrupt and therefore bringing about loss of data.
  • Hard drive crash – The hard drive would crash out as a result of some false functions that could end up in data loss from your drive.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin / Trash – If you accidentally empty Recycle Bin or Trash the files will likely be permanently deleted and you may lose some important restorable files.

There are many more reasons that lead to data loss from Mac and Windows systems. All the inaccessible files can be easily accessed through file recovery programs. The program helps you to restore all file types like word files, text files, pictures, program files, video files like movies, audio songs, pdf files, downloaded files from online, etc from corrupt hard drives. The hard drives can be associated with file system like NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX, etc. The characteristics from the software that support file recovery are:

  • Restores data files coming from all file types like .xls, .doc, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .mp3, .jpg, .zip, etc from Windows and Mac.
  • Recovers corrupt documents on account of virus attack.
  • Restores each of the data from corrupt and damaged hard disk drives in the systems.
  • Retrieves all inaccessible media files like MP4, MPG, BNP, GIF, TIF, CRW, RAW, AVI, DIVX, etc.
  • Effectively retrieves files from emptied Recycle Bin and Trash.

In case you are the one facing loss of data from Mac or Windows systems then attempt to recover those files using this file recovery programs. The software program is available for demo purpose so that you can practically read the program utility after which you can easily purchase it.