Know How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Windows is an Operating System developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft.  Windows Operating System supports file systems like FAT (File Allocation Table), and NTFS (New Technology File System) etc. File system are used to store, retrieve, and update a set of different files. Computer uses file system to organize data on hard disk. NTFS file system is architecturally similar with FAT file system but having more improvements (security, compatibility, space efficiency, reliability etc.) over FAT file system. Like system hard drive every storage device e.g. memory cards, USB drives, iPods, FireWire drives etc. contains the file system to store data in it. But sometimes you may face the data loss from such storage device due to file system corruption or damage. But you can recover these lost and deleted files by using recovery software. Let’s see one of the scenarios which explain how you may face data loss.

Suppose you were trying to make your system dual boot. In such situation while installing the second operating system in another hard drive partition you select the drive in which you have stored important files. After formatting of drive suddenly you recognize that you have formatted the essential drive and lost all important files from hard drive. In such kind of situation what will you do?? How you can recover data from formatted drive? Don’t worry. Recovery after format can be possible by using one of the best recovery utility like My File Recovery software.

Where you can use My File Recovery Software?

  • To recover deleted or formatted re-formatted Windows hard drives.
  • To retrieve lost or deleted files due to virus or malware infection.
  • To restore files from Windows corrupted master boot record.
  • To retrieve files from corrupted or damaged Windows drives.
  • Unintentionally deleted or lost files and folders from system.
  • Situations which clarify how you may face data loss from system
  • Corruption or damage of Master Boot record (MBR).
  • Accidental format of drive in which you have stored important files.
  • Damage of file system due to virus/Trojans infection to the files.
  • Unexpected power shortage while accessing files.

These are the situations where you can use recover my files software but before that let you know some precautionary steps which helps to avoid such kind of data loss.

Working Capabilities of My Files Recovery Software:

  • Along with hard drive (SATA/ATA/IDE), recover my files software helps to recover memory cards (like, SD, CF, XD, and MMC etc), USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods etc.
  • Recover my files software helps to recover lost, deleted, and formatted files on the basis of unique signature along with name, size, date and type etc.
  • It supports recovery after format, re-format, partition or re-partition of hard drives.
  • Recover my files software is available in free demo version. you can download this demo version of your system, install it and try for recovery.

Some Precautionary Measures to Prevent Files from Loss:

  • Keep updated antivirus in system.
  • Turn off system in proper way.
  • Use good quality UPS.
  • Always keep a backup of important files.
  • Never keep any type of volatile data on the desktop.