Know How to Fix CRC Error in AVI Video File

AVI files are the media files which contain both the audio and vision data. It is advanced file format of the video files which improved the quality of the video file when compared to the other file formats of the video file. It contains digital data in  .avi file extension format  that allow the user to synchronous audio with video playback like the other file format DVD video file format. As we all know about the video file that it makes the users to understand the concept of the data contain in it. Due to these features of AVI media file, people are much crazier about this file.

AVI is the file which is designed for improving the quality of the video media files and these files doesn’t specify about how the data is encoded. Codecs files are useful to specify the encoding of the audio and video data. The main function of these codecs files are mainly two. One reason is that it let you know how to encode or compress the video file and the other function of these codec files is it let you play the files on the different media AVI file CRC error

Normally same codec is used for both compressing the files and also playing the video file on the different media files. If the codec used to compress file is not installed on user’s computer, then user will not able to play the video on media player and might encounter with CRC error. If CRC error takes place, then AVI video files becomes unplayable on any media player. If this thing happened with your AVI video files then get the powerful repair software like Video Repair Software which is included with many advanced features. This software can easily repair AVI file CRC error as it has strong algorithm isolated within it.

When CRC error encounter to AVI video files:

  • CRC error may encounter while downloading the AVI files from the internet server. This is happened when you downloaded files from the unauthorized site.
  • When you try to download the AVI files from the inbox mails, there is chance that CRC error may take place to the AVI video files.
  • While burning the AVI video files on CD’s, DVD’s, there is chance that AVI video files get affected with the CRC errors.

If these errors happened to the AVI video files, then these files become inaccessible and it may results in unplayable of the video files on the different media players. To make these files again playable on different media player, firstly you should know more about how to fix CRC error in AVI files? As this may help you in easy repairing of files which can make again AVI files as useful files. Now let us see the features of this repair tool.

Unique features of Video Repair Software:

  • This Utility can easily identify the errors which makes the AVI video file inaccessible with the help of its internal designed program.
  • After repairing these AVI files with the help of this software can be playable on the different versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It supports to repair AVI files from the different storage medium such as hard drives, SD cards, XD cards, and USB drives.