How to recover deleted files from iPod in Windows OS

IPod is a portable digital media player developed by Apple. IPod can store as much as 160GB of data, which can are very effective both on Windows and Mac OS. It is possible to store as much as 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video and 25,000 photos over 160GB iPod. IPod supports AAC, MOV, WAV, MP3, AIFF, JPEG, BMP, PSD, GIF, PNG and TIFF file formats. Windows Adobe cs4 photoshop enable you to download photos from Windows OS and iPhoto library in Mac OS X. IPod is a hard disk that may store all sorts of file. If you need to load files besides audio and video files then select “Enable disk usage” in iTunes software. Video and audio files can be downloaded and organized using iTunes software. Even you can download games from the iTunes software. When you connect iPod in your Windows OS, it automatically downloads all the contacts and calendar events from the Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Because of some reasons, your photos from iPod could get delete or lost. IPod recovery in Windows OS is achievable using iPod recovery software.

IPod hard disk works just like a computer hard disk so, when you accidentally delete data from iPod hard drive, it deletes only index of that file and retains the content of that file on iPod’s hard drive. It marks that space as available to store new files. Sometimes, accidentally auto synchronizing data on different computers can result in loss of data. IPod auto synchronization generates same copy of iTunes library. So, in case you delete an audio file from the iTunes library it will likely delete on iPod. By default, in case you enable auto synchronization option in settings, proper you connect iPod to your computer it starts synchronizing data to iPod. This could ends in loss of data. So as a way to restore iPod after reset you can use good iPod recovery tool.

To prevent these complications, you must manually disable the auto synchronization settings. Another solution is creating backup because, after data loss it is possible to restore your data from the backup file. If you have not created backup then you can certainly use recovery software to recover lost or deleted data from your iPod. To avoid permanent loss of data, do not save any new files over corrupted iPod hard disk in which you’ve deleted or lost your data. Because saving or copying any new data over iPod hard disk may overwrite the data which results in permanent data loss.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition helps you to recover deleted or lost files from iPods. This application recovers deleted or lost RAW photos, audio files and video files from iPods. Connect iPod like a secondary drive in your computer where this tool is installed. This application supports all models of iPods like iPod Classic Mini, iPod Nano and iPod shuffle. In demo version of this software, you will see listing of recovered photos, so that you can recover the photos that you want. This is simple to operate software; even novice users can use to retrieve deleted or lost photos from iPod. Download the trial version of this software and assess the recovery results.