How do I wipe drive on Windows XP

Hard drives are primarily used for storage and retrieval of digital information. They are the main data storage device in the computer. They are also called Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SATA, SCSI and IDE are some of the common examples of hard drives. Hard drives are frequently used for storing important files and programs. The minimum requirement of hard drive specified for Windows XP is 1.5GB. When a particular file is deleted from the hard drive, only the entry of that file from the file system is deleted, but the file still remains there in the hard drive. The deleted files can be recovered using any recovery software. In case you want to delete the files/data beyond recovery on Windows XP you must be pondering how do I wipe drive on XP? But to your amusement hard drive can be wiped completely to secure your confidential data.

Common scenarios under which Hard Drive Wipe is needed:

  • Selling PC/Laptop: In case you are selling your personal computer or laptop and you don’t want any other person to gain access to your important files, you need to wipe your hard drive in order to prevent your confidential data from being misused. This is because the deleted files can still be recovered until they are overwritten with some new data.

In the above scenario, data can be removed permanently from the hard drive beyond recovery by using Remo Drive Wipe. This software wipes data from the hard drive completely by overwriting them with new data, minimum three times. It unlinks the recycled files as well as overwrites the old data with garbage values. This process is also called disk sanitization or drive wipe. The software carefully sanitizes each and every sector of the hard drive with new data. It carefully selects applicable shredding pattern and international disk sanitization methods to wipe data from the hard drive. This software works on both 32 bit and 64 bit PC with operating systems like Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. The complete hard drive, even the logical drive can be wiped using this software. It provides maximum number of drive wipe methods. It provides a simple user interface to erase your private data easily and safely. There are 9 sanitization standards used by this software for wiping the hard drive data. They are:

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
  • German:VSITR
  • US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M)
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) + Guttmann Method
  • Peter Guttmann Secure Deletion
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26 – RLL
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard

The above sanitizing standards and rewriting methods are suggested and approved by various Govt. agencies all around the globe. The process of overwriting data on the hard drive differs with the sanitization methods. For example the fast zero overwrite method will overwrite the data area with a fixed value (0*00) in each sector whereas, the random overwrite method encounters the data area with random values.  To avail all the above features and make your confidential data on Windows XP secure you can download this software.