Easily Recover Deleted Folder on Windows 10

Although Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft, you have to use a recovery software separately for recovering back the deleted folders and files. You need to use a reliable software because once the data gets overwritten with the usage of bad software, then it hardens the recovery process. The software which you are going to use is Remo Recover which can recover deleted folder on Windows 10. By using this trusted software, you can ensure the safety of your deleted folder as it scans the drive safely and very serious about any getting the data back.

How Remo Recover Works?

Remo Recover application works based on the powerful algorithms which scan the entire drive and gives all the deleted folders and files before you. All you need to do is to just mark them on the software screen and choosing the destination folder will make the recovery of your desired folder happen for you. This process is simple and there is step by step instructions provided on each screen of the software. The tool uses rigorous mechanisms and functions rapidly according to the disk size. Thus you get your deleted folder back on your drive.

Watch the following video demonstrating the usage of this software to recover deleted folders on Windows 10.

Characteristics of Remo Recover Software

  • The tool finds the lost folders and deleted folders by scanning the drive using robust technology and makes sure that not even a single hard drive sector misses from the scan.
  • Uses simple interface for easy accessing of the software so that even computer beginners can benefit using this tool for recovery of deleted folders.
  • Supports recovery of deleted folders from Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, Windows 7, etc. FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT are the supported file systems.
  • The tool can recover entire folder and the contents inside. This includes videos, documents, compressed archives, spreadsheets, music and pictures of over 300 file types.
  • Easy and effective retrieval of deleted folders from USB thumb drives, hard disks, SSDs, SD cards, MMC cards, etc.

Folder Deletion Scenarios

As you use Windows 10, you have to create a number of folders for easy accessing of your files. So the folders get deleted with or without your knowledge. Here is the list of folder deletion scenarios for your reference.

  • Folders might get deleted due to accidental deletion. This includes choosing the wrong folder for deletion, using the Shift-Delete key combination and emptying the recycle bin folder without checking its contents.
  • Error accessing the folder due to long name that the file system does not support, thus deleting it.
  • Folders getting corrupt due to malware infections, so when scanning the drive there are chances that the antivirus software deletes the folder.
  • Formatting the entire drive for changing the file system or when installing the OS causes entire drive wipe including the deletion of all the folders.
  • Ejection of pen drives, external hard drive or any other storage media while the transfer of folders causes deletion in rare cases.

Make sure to watch the video above as it serves as a tutorial for recovering deleted folders in Windows 10 OS.