Best Application to Repair Corrupted RAR File

RAR is abbreviated as Roshal Archive. RAR files are used to compress the information. This is just like the file format for Win RAR and used to transfer data online. One of the main reason behind to use RAR file is to compress the information to save accumulation of space. This RAR archives has the ability to keep the superior compression. Although it has many advanced features it is also prone to corruption due to various reasons. Are you currently facing a difficulty to open corrupted RAR file? Is your RAR file got damaged? If your answer is yes then this article helps you a lot on how to open damaged RAR archive within a few minutes.

Let us go through what are the reasons which corrupts RAR file?

  • If your storage device on which you stored RAR file is infected from harmful viruses then it leads to the corruption of RAR file.
  • When you are downloading RAR file if the internet connection gets interrupted then there will be possibility for the corruption of RAR file.
  • While extracting data from RAR file, if the system shuts down abruptly then RAR file gets damaged.
  • Damaged RAR file header due to improper closure of RAR file.
  • Decompression of RAR file in an incompatible version of WinRAR application leads to the corruption of RAR file.
  • Other factors like error in file system, application crash, software conflicts, etc also leads to the corruption of RAR file.

Other than the above mentioned scenarios you can find many other factors which are responsible for the corruption of RAR file. Sometimes when RAR file get corrupted you may also encounter some error messages. In order to resolve this issue it is necessary to repair corrupted RAR file with the help of this RAR repair software. This application offers very powerful interface that ease the functionality to repair any type of corrupted or damaged RAR file on the Windows operating system.

Important features of RAR repair program

RAR repair software can repair even severely damaged RAR files with ease. You can apply this program to fix virus infected RAR file, affected by CRC errors, etc and repair such damaged RAR file. This wizard is built with user friendly interface which can be used by novice to repair corrupted RAR file within few minutes. No matter how the RAR file got corrupted and what is the reason behind the corruption, this RAR repair tool scans the entire drive to repair RAR file. Go through this page- to know how to fix RAR file.

Important points to be remembered

  • Always be sure that there is no disruption while you are uploading or downloading RAR file.
  • Use only the good antivirus application to remove deadly viruses causing RAR file corruption.
  • It is recommended to make use of the updated download manager to download your important RAR file.
  • Have a habit of keeping the backup your important RAR files onto the external hard drives like USB drives, DVD, CD, etc.

Win RAR files gets damaged but are repairable

What are RAR files? What are Win Zip files? How compression of files can be achieved? All these queries will be answered in this article. RAR files are not that type of files as you are thinking off. RAR is a container of compressed files which holds the compressed file inside it. Compressing of files helps to save the space in the storage device.

What are RAR files?

RAR file is a collection of file which is in compressed format. When there are number of similar files which are to be grouped then we can use the RAR format. Actually the need to compress the files is because either to make it portable or to save the space on the disk. To compress the files in the format one need to download the software which are easily available on internet.

How to handle RAR files?

Win RAR supports all the format of RAR files, so by the use you can both create and unpack the files. Win RAR if installed onto your system then you need to double click on the files and the file will be opened. So using Win RAR you can do both.  While clicking RAR file it give an option that is the option of extraction where to extract the files in default or in desired location.

RAR files sometime can become the parts of multi-volume sequences. RAR may have extensions like .rar (the first volume), .r00, .r01, …, or .part1.rar (the first volume), .part2.rar, and many more. Win RAR can split a huge archive to smaller files, which are known as volumes.

These RAR files get corrupted and then need to repair so for RAR repair we need some third party tool. How these files get corrupted will be explain latter.

To repair Win RAR files is an easy task to accomplish but no guarantee for repairing of data all the time.

Lets us look at the scenarios which cause corruption to the files.

  • Inappropriate tool used to compress the files.
  • Unpacking of files not accomplished properly due to software glitches.
  • Virus attack to the location where files were kept.
  • Power surge and power failure sometimes cause corruption of files.
  • Corruption caused due to corruption in header.

Precautions which are to be follow, in order to avoid the corruption.

  • Power supply must be made so strong so that abrupt shut down and failure can be avoided.
  •  Software glitches can cause the corruption of files so better to use the best software which are of genuine version.
  • Creation of backups must be done so that data doesn’t lose its regularity.

Still if you find that the file is corrupted and not letting the data to be accessed then you need to repair the file. For this deed you have to download the software form internet. There is some trial version software available on internet so better to go with the trail version. If that particular software satisfied you with the result then you can go for the complete version.