A Reliable Outlook PST File Repair Tool

repair-corrupt-ost-dataMS Outlook is email application which is widely used for sending or receiving email online as well as offline. In MS Outlook have two storage file i.e. PST (Personal Storage File) and OST (Offline Storage Table). These storage table mostly used to store and manage Outlook attributes such as email, messages, calendar items, date, meeting, schedules, etc. PST is working on online as well as offline server for sending or receiving email on various versions of Windows computer.

However PST files may get corrupted due to various reasons. At such instance, you can make use of Fix PST Tool which is capable of repairing corrupted PST Outlook file. This inbuilt tool of MS Outlook which is capable to handle some of the corruption issue. You can install this tool in your computer and repair corrupted and damaged PST file with simple and effective way.

Commons reasons due to which PST file may get corrupted:

  • Header File Corruption: A PST file header corrupted due to various reasons. If you may abrupt shutdown of system while working on MS Outlook can leads to header file corruption and as their more chance loss of Outlook attributes from PST storage table.
  • Outlook Application Failure: Sometimes, an Outlook application get failed due to excess of bad sectors or virus infection which can infect the PST files and lead to PST file corruption.
  • Improper Installation of Outlook Application: If you are installing MS Outlook application without any technical knowledge how to install the outlook application step by step, as result of this Outlook application is not installed properly which can leads to PST file corruption.
  • Abrupt Interruption: Sometimes, you are suffering from abrupt interruption such as abrupt termination of system when performing some task on computer such as transferring PST files from computer to external storage device and vice versa, as there more chance of PST file corruption.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, a PST file may get corrupted or damaged due to different other few reason such as bad sectors, improper recovery, network failure , software or hardware harmful malfunction, etc. By making use of Fix PST Tool, you can repair corrupted or damaged PST file with greater ease.

Remarkable Features of Fixed PST Tool:

  • Fixed PST tool is one of the most recommended tool which is capable of repairing PST file of different versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2013.
  • It is compatible with Windows OS such as Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10 platforms.
  • This program has inbuilt strong algorithm which is capable for scanning PST folder and repair PST files with all Outlook attributes such as emails, tasks, meeting, documents, journals, schedules, calendar, appointments and many more.
  • It is capable of repairing Outlook PST file as well as OST (Offline Storage Table) file with all Outlook features without any difficulties.
  • Fix PST Tool allows you to preview the repaired Outlook PST data before restoration.
  • Fix PST Tool is read only that software, which means that it just reads all the data of PST file and develops a new one.
  • This application can also be used to recover emails or folders that are deleted accidentally on Windows computers.

How to Fix PST File after ScanPST Show Error?

If you are using Microsoft Outlook to manage your personal data like integrating multiple emails accounts into an Outlook account then you might be familiar with PST and Scanpst.exe. Outlook use PST folder to store all Outlook data including mails, attachments, contacts, journals, calendar, etc. PST files can be stored in Server as well as on local system. PST files contains large amount of crucial data and prone to corrupt due to some reasons. Even if there is inbuilt repair tool Scanpst.exe, it can handle only with minor corrupted PST file, in case of major corruption Scanpst.exe fails to repair PST file.

If you are victim of corrupted PST file and could not fix it with Outlook Inbox repair tool then you need to use third party repair tool. But you should take a while for choosing third party repairing tool as any unreliable tool may further damage your Outlook PST file. You can opt “Scan PST Fix” software to PST repair after ScanPST error, as it is read-only software which scans the damaged PST file, extracts information and create new PST file. Thus it ensures your PST file will be intact will all attributes. Even inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool having lack of this read only feature, thus sometime even Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe may modify PST file without fixing issue as it start repairing process directly on existing file. Scan PST Fix can be efficiently used to repair ScanPST after errors.

Reasons behind corruption of PST file

Oversized PST File: PST file storage capacity varies with versions of Outlook. When data stored in PST file try to exceed specified size of PST file, it gets corrupted. Even Inbox Repair Tool ScanPST fails to fix PST file having size more than 2GB.

Abnormal Termination: If Outlook application terminates abruptly due to any reason without saving PST file then it may lead to corruption of PST file.

Up grading Outlook: Upgrading Outlook or Mail server for better performance, without proper back up of PST file may lead to corruption of PST file. If you try to open PST file created on newer Outlook with older version Outlook, then it may get corrupted.

Virus Attack: Viruses also may damage PST file lies on your local machine and make them inaccessible. As a result Outlook data will be loss.

Important Features of Scan PST Fix software

  • Scan PST Fix tool having smart inbuilt read only algorithm, which ensure you there will not be further modification on original PST file.
  • It is specially designed to repair PST files where ScanPST fail to repair. This utility repair ScanPST after errors within few minutes with all attributes.
  • It can repair Oversized PST files and split them into small pieces, which can be integrated if needed.
  • Capable enough to repair password protected PST file as well as OST file created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • After fixing it creates PST file in 2003-2010 format which can be imported easily.
  • It also recovers emails, contacts, tasks, journals, notes, etc. from PST file.

Saving Outlook to save from data after PST file corruption.

The Outlook is the most prominent and favorite used by most of the users over the world wide. The Outlook is very simple and easy tool to operate with, this feature makes this tool as the best tools among others.

Even though this tool is easy to use and is reliable too, then why people face attribute loss. And how do they overcome with the data after loss?

What attribute lost means is it some sort of data loss?

Outlook is a client side tool  which is used on behalf of messengers, that too with the extra feature of supporting mailing option in offline mode. What makes this tools work offline and support as if working in online mode?

PST and OST are files what makes work offline and in online mode as well, when one is having internet connection then one is working in online mode and all the data is saved in PST file and apart if the user is in offline mode and need to work than all the data is saved in OST file.

If there is storage in Outlook then there will be a loss too and that’s for sure.

 Absolutely right, where ever there is a storage thing there comes the data loss scenario in complements, the main source of data is PST file and if corrupted then need to be repaired. To Fix Outlook PST after corruption can be done easily but the thing to concentrate on is how one can corrupt his or her PST file when the tool is so easy to interact with.

Like most of the users are enriched with the tools and that is Outlook 2007 which is the advance version and later if there is PST corruption then you need to fix PST on Outlook 2007.

And what for OST file is used for?

OST file is basically used at the time when the user needs to work in offline mode and all the data is saved in OST file which later can convert the offline data in online mode.

The Outlook is so easy to interact with then what makes this tool lose data?

As this is the most interactive tool to save the data and to use but still people are confronted with the data loss and the reason behind this is their improper conducts to use the application. Applications are built with different methods and have some strategies to follow while using the but users are users just when their work is complete they just behave like enemy with their applications.

They share their PST file over internet, unsecured internet which corrupts the attributes in the PST file, sometimes compressing the files for portability by using unreliable tools which can corrupt the files.

Lots are there to highlight which directly is a resultant of data loss, but above from this all you can create restoring points, backups which can facilitate you with the data even after complete loss.

What if not supported with backups and restoring points?

Just download the software which can repair your file after loss if not supported with the restoring points and backups. Recommended to keep the option of repairing at last but before just follow precautions.