Simple Way to Migrate MS Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is an application program that is used for private and business functions. The outstanding features of this software are that it creates private folder to save all its data in a central locations which is popularly known as PST file. For an Outlook application PST file is most vital, without this file user won’t be able to access any attributes from Outlook. If users would like to transfer/ share this PST file to laptop or higher version of Outlook, then they should be very careful because any change in this PST file will produce a serious problem for them. For safe migration of an Outlook PST file, this is a very useful tool that would help user in migrating PST file with great ease. Under such circumstances, you can use Migrate Outlook software..

Most common scenarios for migration of PST file are mentioned below:

  • One of the most common reasons why you need to migrate your Outlook PST file is to maintain a healthy backup of your PST file to deal with any unforeseen situations. Hence, if you want to migrate your PST then this Migrate Outlook software will assist to achieve this very easily.
  • Another reason where you need to migrate your PST file is when you have upgraded your outlook application to a newer version. Whenever, you upgrade your Outlook program you need to import your old PST file to new one so that your old data could be configured with this new tool.
  • Apart from this if you want change your PC then you need to migrate all your Outlook data file that is nothing but PST file to your new computer on which you are going to configure your Outlook.

Few measures that can help you to avoid PST file corruption and avoid loss of the Outlook attributes:

  • Avoid different users changing a single PST file at one time. This may results in corruption of your PST file.
  • Don’t use non reliable tool to migrate the Outlook. It will damage your Outlook profile.
  • Make sure you have proper backup in case you lose the attributes during migration of the Outlook else you may lose some important attributes like contacts, distribution list, emails, etc.

Features of Migrate Outlook software:

  • This software is capable of migrating PST file with easy way and keeps backup of all Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, journal entries, RSS feeds, notes, tasks, calendar items, etc without missing a single one.
  • This tool will not modify your PST file as it creates a new copy of Outlook PST file.
  • By using this software, you can migrate MS Outlook PST file to higher versions with great ease.
  • Migration Outlook software can migrate the highly encrypted Outlook files; password protected files and compressed files easily within few moments.
  • The utility supports to migrate Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 on different versions of Windows OS like Windows Vista, Windows XP,Windows7, Windows 8 and Windows 2003 / 2008 Server.
  • It will help to create multiple backups for the Outlook file as per the user need.

The best way to recover PST

Microsoft Outlook is widely used for communicating through emails, setting reminders and meetings, storing contacts etc. and all these are stored in a single Personal Storage Table file. Many business organizations are using MS Outlook as a medium for mail exchange. The PST file is not only a platform email but also for other Outlook attributes. All the files containing these attributes are stored on the hard drive partition like other files.

Partition is generally done to minimize risk of data loss or errors in the computer; you can easily manage and access your files if you have different partitions for different type of data. But what if partition gets deleted? Partitions may get deleted due to various reasons. Suppose your system consist of three partitions and you want to delete a partition out of the three that contains unessential files. So during the process, you accidentally deleted the partition that contains all files including PST files and other documents. You will be in huge loss at that moment. Partition might get deleted due to a virus attack also. When your system is infected by viruses like Spyware, Malware, or Trojans then it may lead to deletion of hard drive partition.

Damage in the networking device such as network interface cards, cables, routers, hubs and other devices can badly affect outlook PST file and may corrupt or damage it. If the power fails suddenly while accessing PST, you might lose data or your PST file may get corrupted. Abrupt termination of Outlook or abnormal system shut down may definitely cause corruption in PST file and damage the emails and other Outlook data.

All the above mentioned scenarios are some common reasons where you PST files get damaged/corrupted. No need to worry! With the help of PST recovery software you can recover your corrupt PST files which are inaccessible to you.

Smart suggestions to avoid PST file corruption:

  • Better to avoid sharing of PST file via network.
  • Keep in mind to close the MS Outlook Window prior while shutdown of the computer.
  • Have a habit to keep a backup every week of your PST file.
  • To avoid the oversize issue always keep deleting useless email messages from your Outlook folder.

This PST recovery tool recovers PST file created on outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. Repairs oversized outlook PST files for example Outlook 2000 PST files getting corrupt when it reaches 2 GB or more in size. You can also recover email messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook folder. You can also repair most PST files that cannot be repaired using inbox repair tool provided with Outlook that is scanpst. This utility provides real time preview of the repaired items through Outlook style browser view. By utilizing the software you can repair password protected PST files.

Once Download PST file recovery software and install it on your system. Now select the partition/drive or any storage device from which data needs to be recovered. This software facilitates complete scanning process from which you will be able to view the recovered PST files by using preview option before data restoration. If you are satisfied with the tool then you can purchase the product.







Repair Outlook PST

Simply think that you open your Ms Outlook account in your system and desire to send some important mails to your beloved ones. You are surprised!!! That is unable to do it. You may keep trying but did not succeed; you are now convinced that your Outlook PST files are corrupted. You might have tried with MS Outlook inbuilt repair tool ‘scanpst.exe’ but not get success. And you are worried how do I repair Outlook 2010. Now you are searching third party solution and you need all your PST files to be patched up.

Nothing to be anxious, there is a strong tool to repair your entire corrupted MS outlook PST files, this PST repair tool is user friendly and has the ability to repair severely broken PST files, before that we need to know why this damage is done to PST files

Causes for corruption of PST files:-

  • Outlook in another process:-if the Outlook application is performing another application and if you forcefully try to access emails from Outlook that time it may not respond, and Outlook get terminated unexpectedly resulting in PST file corruption, making all emails and other Outlook data inaccessible.


  • Internal errors: – because of some internal errors the PST files may get corrupt and results in inaccessible to the files.


  •  Oversized PST file:- if the PST file exceeds its limit more than 2GB, then the PST files may get corrupt and you are unable to access your emails.


  •  Common reasons: – promoting Outlook from one version to another, rapidly closing Outlook window, file system corruption, Power failure, sudden system shutdown etc. are the few reasons for PST file corruption.

Due to these scenarios the PST files corrupt. But it is not permanently lost; it can be recovered by PST repair tool. This PST repair tool is designed by professional experts. PST repair tool has advanced attributes to fix all harms done to the PST files. This software can repair the severely damaged files by providing smart scan option. This repair software not only handles the corrupted files and also repairs the password protected files. Hence it is most dominant and amazing repair tool among all existing repair tools. This software repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.

Apart from this, this software has a strong inbuilt capacity to recover emails cleared from deleted folder. By using this software you can easily search for PST files on your computer when you do not know the location of your PST files. While repairing, this software cannot alter the original file. Before using this software you need be careful, that once you lost your data from Outlook means do not overwrite it. Once you overwrite means you cannot repair and recover the corrupted files, it may lose permanently. Hence you need to pay attention while overwriting.

This repair tool offers you demo version of MS Outlook 2010.You may test effectiveness of this software. You may download trial version of this software and install it and then run it. Once you run it means you will be amazed with its performance. The PST files that are corrupted are scanned. You may view all corrupted files and you may use save session option, which will assist you to avoid frequent scanning. To access the repaired files, you need to buy real version of this repair software. Thus it’s obvious to purchase the real version of this software to fix all the damage done to your PST files.

How You Can Restore Corrupted Outlook PST Files?

suppose you formatted your system and during that you simply forgot to keep backup of PST files. After formatting your system if you try to access your outlook mails then you definitely not able to access your Outlook mails. You not able to access mean your Outlook gets corrupted or else you lost all of your stored emails from Outlook. In such case what’s going to you need to do? Obviously you’ll attempt to restore Outlook lost mails but remember that there’s only one method to recover Outlook mails that’s to make use of Outlook PST recovery software to correct the whole corrupted PST files. Along with email recovery the software allows you to recover lost address book, calendar, task manager, notes taking etc. from Outlook. How you can fix corrupted Outlook PST files


Outlook contains different versions like Outlook2000, Outlook2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. All of these Outlook versions are differentiated by their storage capacity. Outlook 2000 stores 2 GB data, Outlook 2003 stores 20GB and Outlook 2007 also stores 20 GB data and Outlook 2010 stores 50 GB data. In Outlook all of your mails, contacts, and calendar, notes, and task manager everything are kept in unique file that is in .pst file format . If the PST file get corrupt or lost which means you lost all of your stored data within this PST files.

There are lots of some other reasons, with the result that you might lose your Outlook applications some of the people reasons are highlighted below

• People who uses the older version of Outlook they struggle to upgrade their older version of Outlook to latest version of Outlook. In this conversion there are several chances of corruption of PST files i.e. you might lose your stored data within this PST files.
• Oversize of PST is another reason of losing data from PST file which means when Outlook PST file exceeds its maximum storage capacity there are chances of PST file corruption.
• In organization people make use of the same PST file in network therefore if any errors happen in the network and when network connection fails while utilization of this PST file, you might lose this data of PST file.
• If your system gets infected by virus, then this will affect to your Outlook application of PST file that will corrupt all of your mails, notes, personal information, meeting dates, calendar items etc.
• While using Outlook application if your system get shutdown suddenly or if you shutdown your application abruptly without closing Outlook application, it may harm your PST files.

If you lost your files because of above these complaints then you definitely fix PST file by utilizing Outlook PST recovery software. This software allows you to repair your corrupted PST file. This software returns all you’re corrupted or lost mails, contact list, personal notes etc. This software helps you to return data that is corrupted throughout the upgradation of outlook, whenever you apply for oversize of PST, and data that is corrupted because of viral infection etc. You can download the demo version of this software to fix your Outlook problems. The software works very efficiently and provides all of your fixing results.


Guidelines to repair pst files on Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used communication application which is used for storing all the emails, contacts, calendar items, appointments, tasks and many more. It has many features like Cached Exchange Mode, junk e-mail handling and automatic grouping of messages.

There are many advantages of using Microsoft Outlook. It stores all your files in .pst file format. PST is nothing but Personal Storage Table. The versions of Outlook are Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. There are some loss situations of these pst files. Now let us see some of the frequently occurring loss scenarios of Outlook files.

  • If there is any occur in the header file structure then the pst file gets corrupted and it refuses to open also.
  • Attempting to open bulk of emails at a time will also leads to the loss of pst files because at that time there are many chances of outlook becoming hanged.
  • The size limit of this Outlook is 2GB. If the file exceeds that limit also then there are many chances of corruption of the pst file.
  •  After saving everything you will normally exit the Outlook by using Exit or close option. If suddenly your Outlook shuts down when you are trying to access the PST file, then your PST file will get corrupted or damaged.
  • There are chances of external threats like virus attacks which will damage and corrupt your pst file and those files becomes inaccessible by you.

To avoid these los scenarios you can have a backup of those files. There is inbox repair tool by that you can fix some of the problems of pst files. But it cannot repair severely corrupted pst files. For that purpose use Repair PST File Software which can do Outlook pst file repair efficiently without missing a single file.

Features of Repair PST File Software:

This software is much better than the inbox repair tool. Because that inbox repair tool cannot repair all the severely damaged pst files. This software can also repair all the corrupted and password protected pst files easily. It also can repair pst file on Outlook 2010 easily. It is more advanced and extremely customized PST repair tool.

Steps to download the software:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to downloading and installing the demo version of the software for the purpose of repairing the corrupted pst files.

Step 2: A screen with three options appears. Those are “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Select “Open PST File” so that the software can upload the damaged pst files and next click onNextbutton.

Step 3: Next window appears in that select the method for scanning purpose. That is either “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” options. After that you can use Browse” button and select the path for repaired files. Then after click on “Repair” button for the repairing process.

Step 4: Now after the repair process a new window appears where you can view the recovered files easily.