Recover Photos from Damaged Micro SD Card

Usage of memory cards come in handy as mobile internal memory space is not sufficient to store all your photos, audio files and video files. So you can use memory cards (Micro SD card, SD card, SDHC card and MMC card) in your mobiles as these are embedded with camera, music player and audio player and so on.

Most of the time you may use Micro SD card to save your photos as it has magnificent features. But because of improper handling, your Micro SD card might have damaged which causes loss of your photos from it.

If your damaged Micro SD card have unwanted data then no problem, but sometimes you might have lost your mother photos, best friend photos, marriage photos and so on. Are these photos are very important for you? Don’t panic as you can recover photos from damaged micro SD card by using Photo Recovery Tool.

Micro SD card is damaged due to following reasons

Interruption during file transfer: Interruptions like sudden power failure, abrupt ejection of your Micro SD card during file transfer may severely damage your Micro SD cards which ultimately causes for photo loss.

Using same SD card in different Mobile phones:  If you use same memory card in damaged mobile phones and digital cameras to read or write on SD card, then your Micro SD card may get damaged.

Formatting: If you format you Micro SD card for many times, then your Micro SD card may get damaged.   

 Symptoms of damaged SD card

When you try to read the SD card through your system, you can see only the root directory of your SD card. You may also see subfolders inside the root folder, but when you try to open these subfolders, you get an error message indicating cannot read from the device.

Your SD card is recognized by your PC, but you cannot see any stored photo or video.

When you try to access your invaluable photos or elating videos stored on the card, you get error messages saying that memory card error or corrupt memory card

If you want to get back your photos from damaged Micro SD card then you can use this Photo Recovery Tool as it has following extraordinary features.

By using this software you can restore photos from damaged Micro SD cards without any difficulty.

This photo recovery tool not only recovers images from Micro SD card but also from SD card, Flash memory, MMC card and so on.

You can also download demo version of this tool to enable users to understand features and functions of it.

This tool can preview all scanned images so that you can check recoverable images before actual recovery.

This software can also recover photos after factory reset in android phone.                                                                                        To know more about  recovering photos after factory format in android phone click here These features of the software make it one of the best photo recovery tool to recover photos from damaged Micro SD card and android phone after factory format.

These features of the software make it one of the best photo recovery tools to recover photos damaged SD card.