Data Recovery from Mac Hard Drive – The Efficient Way

Hard Drive recovery is quite troublesome work even tech-geeks don`t want to get their hands dirty in that. The execution is quite time taking and costly, besides it could be avoidable by sticking to a fixed backup scheduled and learning some safe computational habit.

Still, sometimes a sudden interruption can lead to a corrupt or inaccessible hard drive, by god grace data isn`t lost yet and thanks to Hard Drive recovery tools your data can be recovered from hard drive. Data recovery technique has several aspects based on the pattern and severity of the hard drive failure. Your hard drive can have physical or logical issues. A physical damage to any Drive is rare of kind and retrieving data from that demands recovery experts. On the contrary logical level problems can be addressed by individuals.

For most individual’s common problems are deleted or lost files, succeeded by OS level file System corruption or incidental Virus infection. In this situation your system is operable but the file tables have been modified, so they are unable to be located.

This article covers logical issues and various tools for Hard Drive recovery from Mac OS. In most cases the data can be recovered by home users itself by using Hard Drive recovery Mac application.

Things to do in case of Hard Drive failure:

The first thing one should do is to get access on another computer and try to connect it with the malfunctioned computer. Mac PC can be easily connected by using a FireWire cable, and then opt for “target boot”. If the files on the sick Hard Drive are shown in other computer then your Hard Drive Is Fine, you just need to reinstall OS. If it isn`t showing then your drive have problem. Now you need to find alternative ways to recover data from hard drive.

There is countless software for data recovery from Mac Hard Drive are available, But most of them are messy, they don`t recover files as it was in original form, image file could be mixed up with other video files. So you are going to have hard times for sorting them. Best possible software that can be trusted upon is Hard Drive Recovery Mac Software.

Hard Drive recovery Mac Application:

Supported Mac OS: Mac OS X, 10.5 and above.

Hard Drive recovery Mac is probably most advanced and sophisticated software, it allows data recovery from simple delete/ lost issues to severe Hard Drive failure. This Hard Drive recovery Mac program has the ability to recover more than 280 file formats including Media files (photo, music and video files), documents, compressed files, program files, system files and many more. Data recovery from journal Mac Hard drive partition like HFS+, HFSX is also possible with the help of this software. It has strong features like sorting based on file extension which makes it easy for users to locate files. In case you have still some queries then they have strong support system to help you out.

Note: avoid installing Hard Drive recovery Mac tool on the same hard drive from which you wish to recover files.

Mac HDD Data Recovery Wizard

Few things are more traumatic in life than potentially catastrophic data loss. Even with the explosion of local and cloud-based backup resolutions, absolute protection of digital data isn’t possible all the time. Hard drive failure, accidental deletion of data from the drive and other factors will be serious risks to the data on your hard drive. Also the Mac users aren’t immune to this type of technological calamity any more.

Data lost from the Mac hard drive- What should you do?

As soon as you realize that your Mac hard drive has encountered the data loss problem, immediately turn off your Mac computer. If you continue working on this Mac PC you will likely to worsen the problem.  Any holdup in shutting down your Mac PC can leads to severe loss of data, making the problem more tricky, prolonged and costly to resolve. Hence it is very important to be attentive and immediate take action by shutting down the Mac system as a measure to prevent against future data loss.

If your Mac hard drive is failing to mount or if you have lost unique data then you may find yourself in need of Mac HDD recovery application. Mac HDD recovery toolkit has unique and special built in algorithm that help to find and recover data very fast. This utility has an ability to restore lost or deleted or missing Mac volume with ease. It classifies the recovered files on the basis of different elements of files like file size, name, extension and creation date.

Let us discuss some of the factors that leads to loss of data from Mac hard drive

MBR Corruption, Master Boot Record loads operating system in Mac system at the time of boot process. In some cases this MBR gets corrupted because of some technical glitches or due to any harmful virus intrusion. When your Mac machine reads this infected MBR, these nasty viruses guides it to run the code saved on diverse position. Hence it performs complete virus program into Mac hard drive memory makes and then results in loss of data from Mac HDD.  On the other way bad sectors are the nightmares for the data store don the Mac hard drives. Because these bad sectors can affect the important data from the hard drive and it also increases the system crash chances if the bad sectors are read continuously. Other scenarios like Unintended deletion of data, file system corruption, Apple partition map corruption, improper system termination due to frequent power fluctuation, etc leads to loss of data from Mac hard drive.

Extraordinary features of Mac hard drive data recovery software

Mac HDD recovery application is capable of retrieving data from different file systems like HSF+, FAT32, HFSX, and ExFAT. If in case you are the user of different Mac machine then you can make use of this utility as it has ability to recover data from different Mac machine including Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and many more. Have you lost data form Mac Book Pro? Looking for the tool to recover data from Mac Book Pro then follow this link- to get an exact solution on recovery of data from Mac Book Pro.

Best software to recover lost files from your Mac OS

Mac Operating system has good graphical user interface. Thus Most of the users attracts toward Mac OS. The different versions of the Mac OS are Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion etc. Some of these latest versions include features like automatic save option while working on pages; user can run multiple full screen application by switching through multi-touch gestures, and when you launch application it also resumes what are doing previously and where you were etc.

Daily computer users store a lot of files both important and unimportant into their system. One can easily understand how depressing it can be when user loses some of their important files from their Windows or Mac Operating System. Data loss scenarios are common for both the above mentioned different type of OS. They need to rely on a strong and authenticated data recovery tool. This tool has user friendly interface and is easy to use without any technical knowledge.

Some scenarios for Mac data loss:

Human errors:  The common human errors are accidentally pressing command + Delete option, accidental format/ reformat and improper cut paste operation etc. Leads to deletion or lost of files from Mac OS. No matter how much serious the loss is, you can use this restoration software to overcome this obstacle.

Power failure: Sudden and unexpected power failure or system reboot of your personal computer sometimes throws into very awkward scenario specially while performing some download or upload operation of transferring operation.

Software conflicts: These issues are come across when user upgrades their software and later finds out their OS malfunctions, or some system setting gets changed. In this condition there a chance of affected Mac hard drive that may cause bad sectors too. It is easy now for users to retrieve bad sectors using this application.

In order to avoid data lose highly recommended to maintain back up of all necessary files. Have connection of UPS while performing data transfer, downloading and uploading operations. And it advised not to perform neither read nor write operations after data lose.

The important feature of Mac Recover Software is its user friendly interface. To use this software you do not need to have any technical knowledge, all you need to do is install the software in your Mac Operating System and run it. Mac recovery software helps you to restore lost data from your system hard drive, external hard drive, USB drives, memory cards etc. It is able to restore data from simple data loss situations to complex data loss situations. This software supports file system like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, and HFS+ etc.

Download free demo version of the software to know about the working procedure of the software. Demo version has limited functionality i.e. it will provides only preview of the recovered files. To restore previewed files you have to purchase this software.




How to Recover Deleted Mac Trash Items?

Suppose accidentally you press command + delete keys and you delete important official files. Due to permanent deletion of your official files you are unable to retrieve it from your Mac operating system. The file which is deleted that is important for you and at any condition you want to back these accidentally deleted files. In such condition what will you do? You search in your trash but due to permanent deletion you unable to find there. Now day’s data loss is not such a big issue like before. In such situation to recover deleted files, the best way is to use recovery software, you can easily recover Mac accidentally deleted data, and also you can recover Mac trash.


Mac data recovery utility is one of the best utility used to restore all deleted data from Mac trash and Mac volumes. In Mac Operating System it uses HFS and HFS+ file system to store data. HFS is nothing but the Hierarchical File System, and HFS+ is an improved version of HFS. This Mac data recovery utility helps to recover data very efficiently from these logical HFS and HFS+ volumes.


There are many other reasons due to which you may lose your data from your computer like; Improper shut down of your system may cause loss of data. If your system antivirus is not updated and viruses attack to the files then it may lead to corruption of your file and you are unable to access those virus affected files. Fluctuation in power is also another reason of data loss. These are the some common reasons are mentioned here. Many people think that how it is possible to recover deleted data from trash? Once it is deleted from trash then how it is possible to access again? In fact people don’t know that when they emptied the trash or emptied there Mac volume, the system does not delete the data from system but it removes the reference of that data. That means system just makes free space of that deleted data which is inaccessible to people but still data is present over there until that free space is overwritten by new data. So Mac trash deleted items recovery is very easy by using this Mac recovery software.


This is one of the best tool to recover your lost or deleted files from Mac volumes.  Mac recovery software helps you to recover lost or missing data from Mac volumes, software also helps you to recover data which is lost or deleted during formatted or re-formatted volumes. Along with this, software also helps you to recover data from corrupted volumes or data from inaccessible volumes and from volumes which is fails to mount. By using this software you can recover all deleted or lost audio files, video files, photos, etc. This software helps you to restore nearly 300 file format of files. The software is available in trial version, you can download the trial version of this software to try for recovery results. This software is very user friendly and step by step procedure is mentioned to recover lost or deleted data.


Restore lost media files from Mac volumes on iMac machines

Media files are main source to keep our sweet memories alive. Some of the media file formats are photo, audio, video etc. you may use digital cameras or cellphones to capture those happy moments, and then keep a backup on your iMac machine. The iMac is Mac Desktop computer which is one of the best releases from Apple. It is designed and developed with many advanced features and compatibilities.   Can you imagine that all your media files have been lost from Mac volume due to hard drive corruption? Most of the people may say “No” right, because no one can afford to lose their memories. Although, there are so many unconventional security features to prevent loss of media files. Still, factors like accidental deletion, file system corruption etc. can cause huge amount of media loss. But still you can recover lost media files from Mac volumes on iMac machine using Mac file recovery tool.

Some of the situations can be explained below.

Accidental formatting of volumes may cause loss of media files from the Mac volume. Sometimes, if you have formatted the Mac volume that is infected by virus, can leads to deletion of media files in the Mac volume. Partitioning or re-partitioning of volumes is another important reason for loss of media files from Mac volume. If you try to resize or shrink to existing partition, can lead to lose media files from volume.

Virus attack is the frequently encountered problem for everyone. The chances of infecting virus through third party tools are more, because in day to day life everybody needs third party software. If you were installing that virus infected software then your Mac volumes may get affected with virus. And that can lead to lose media files from that volume.

Journal corruption can also make you to lose media files from Mac volume. You may experience this problem when your boot sector gets corrupted. You may not able to work with some of the files on your Mac volumes. This is due to corruption in the journal file on which updates to directories and files are written in order to retrieve media files in case of system crash.

The all above mentioned situations you can be able to use Mac file recovery software to recover lost or deleted media files, and it can also restore media files that are emptied from Trash. The built-in advanced algorithms implemented to get back photo, music & video file formats. The recovered media files can be sorted on the basis of name, size, date and filename. You can restore data in a Mac finder styled interface. It can be able to perform powerful scanning to get back lost media files from unmounts volume. This software can recover media files from hard drives like SATA, SCSI and IDE, SD card, XD card, MMC, Memory Stick, USB drives, Fire Wire drives, iPods and Camcorders. It supports recovery of media files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32. Mac media recovery can provide preview option to watch the recovered files before data restoration. It supports 64 bits Mac OS X i.e. Snow Leopard. Download the software to test the efficiency before buying the full version of the software.

A proficient unformat Mac data software

Mac OS is a family of operating system developed by Apple. It is divided into two main classes, one is Classic Mac OS and another is Mac OS X. Mac OS X is the latest release of Mac operating systems. On Mac OS X installed PCs, the hard drive can be formatted with the HFS+ file system. The hard drive should be formatted in order to store the user’s data. Generally, formatting the hard drive includes creating a new file system and erasing of existing data on it. However, accidental formatting of a hard drive may result in loss of valuable data. In case of accidental formatting, the lost data can be recovered by using a good Mac data recovery software. These Mac data recovery tools help the user to unformat formatted volume data on Mac PC.

Except an accidental formatting of a hard drive, there are many other situations which cause the loss of data on Mac PCs. The situations like journal corruption, catalog record corruption, deletion of a volume by mistake, hard drive crash due to virus attack, re-installation of a Mac OS X, Apple partition map gets corrupted and a volume header corruption will lead to severe data loss on Mac PCs. A few commonly occurring data loss situations on Mac OS X installed PCs are briefly explained below.

Hard drive crash due to virus attack: Usually, a computer virus is nothing but a small piece  of a computer program. This piece of a computer program will be harmful to your computer because it can damage the system files. Normally, the computers are installed with an updated antivirus application in order to keep away from the virus infection. But in some cases, what happens that the pieces of computer program what we call them as computer viruses can enter into the computer’s hard drive. When this happens to your computer, the computer viruses can affect the system files, that is nothing but they can corrupt the file system on the hard drive. However, the virus attack on your computer lead to hard drive crash resulting in loss of data.

Formatting of a wrong volume by mistake: Sometimes, what happens that you may mistakenly format the wrong volume on your Mac PC while trying to format unwanted data. When this happens, there will be a chance of losing the essential data stored under accidentally formatted volume. In case you have taken a proper data backup, you can easily restore the data from a backup. But sometimes you may forget to take a backup, in such a case it will be difficult for you to face the situation.

Anyhow, the data lost due to formatting the hard drive or a volume will not be erased permanently from your computer. You can unformat formatted volume data on Mac PC by using a best Mac data recovery software. Unformat Mac is such a proficient Mac data recovery software by using which you can completely restore data from formatted hard drive or a volume. Even you can download the demo tool of the software and examine the data recovery process before purchaing the full verion.

Tips for video recovery from MacBook Pro

Would you like to recover deleted videos from the MacBook Pro? Yes, it is possible to recover deleted videos from MacBook by means of Mac video recovery tool. Applying this tool, recover deleted or lost video files on Mac, within few clicks. It features easy to use interface that is a non – technical background person may also apply it without getting any difficulties. It can be produced by a few of the skillfully developers in fact it is recommended as being a best utility you can purchase. It also facilitates to recover deleted MOV video files from MacBook Pro and to preview them before saving.

Capturing videos of happy moments can be a best way to remember old moments, for a long period in life. Losing such files can hurt you. But, you shouldn’t get panic since video retrieval tool can be acquired. It permits you to recover videos before overwriting deleted or lost videos. It has a capacity to recover various video file formats from different types of Mac storage media. It is not just useful for MacBook Pro hard disk; it’s also used to recover video clips from flash memory card, camcorder, hard drive, iPod, Pen drive, etc. It supports file recovery even after formatting USB drive or any other storage device.

A few of the MacBook video loss scenarios are highlighted below.

  • Most of the time, you may delete important video files accidentally while deleting unwanted files to make free space for new data.
  • Video files get corrupt as a result of interruption during syncing process between MacBook and removable storage media or improper termination of computer system on account of power failure.
  • Accidental formatting of MacBook volumes or storage device without having backup of video clips.
  • Third party tools like antivirus software can delete partially corrupted video clips.

Anyway, if you have deleted or lost videos, you’ve got likelihood of recovery before overwriting in your hard drive. Video recovery program is your best option to recover MOV, MP4 files from the Mac hard drive. It can also be used to recover video files from different brands of memory card like Kingston compact flash card, Lexer SD card, Transcend SD card etc.

Video recovery tool is made especially to run on the computer where Mac operating system is used. It’s not only restricted for video recovery, it also assists to recover photos, music, etc which can be deleted in the MacBook Pro hard drive. To recoup videos, first it scans entire hard disk drive using inbuilt scanning algorithm. In addition, it facilitates to save the recovery session, to ensure there’s no need to re-scan the drive to relocate data. To test whether the deleted or lost videos are able to recover or not, you can download free trial version of this software and view the recovered file.

File Recovery Software for Mac or File recovery tool

Storage media are used in the various portable devices and also are used in devices like PCs, Laptops, tablets, etc likewise they are also used in digital camera, mobile phones, camcorders, digital audio players, etc. The devices have their own OS, which is used to interact with the device.

There are varieties of storage devices used for storage purposes. Now a day Mac is most commonly used OS as it is enhanced with the feature of providing best graphical user interface and support for photo viewing and editing. Some of the terminologies are different in Mac with respect to Windows. Recycle bin is named as Trash, hard drives as volumes etc.

If we talk about Windows or about Mac, storing data is common in both, and if storing is common, then there is certainty for loosing of data. Therefore, there are different ways in which you can lose your data from your Mac operating system as we do lose in Windows.

If we find our data is missing in terms lost, deleted, etc, then still there is a possibilities to recover the lost data. We have some file recovery software for Mac or can also say file recovery tool for Mac.

There are different ways in which you can lose your files from Mac System.

  1. Accidental deletion of files from Mac volumes.
  2. Using Command delete option for deleting of files.
  3. Deleting the Trash files.
  4. Drive (External hard disk, volumes) fails to mount.
  5. Accidentally formatting the hard drive.
  6. Power surge may corrupt your journal file, which leads you to loss of data.

These are the scenario, which takes place most often, and result of that you lose your data. There are some precautions, which have to be follow in order to refrain our volumes from the data loss.

  1. Do check for the good power supplies to your system.
  2. Have updated antivirus.
  3. Create back up for your crucial data.
  4. Create restore point at regular intervals.
  5. Abstain using Command delete button all the time.

As Mac operating system facilitates you with the various utilities like iPhoto for images, garage band for music/podcast production, adobe southbooth for music and sound track etc the corruption is for sure.

After following above-mentioned precautions, still if you lose your data then you ought to use some recovery software in order to get back your data. Basic edition of many software are available on internet for recovery. Software should be capable of recovering files from volumes, which refuses to mount. It should recover all your lost, deleted or corrupted files from your formatted volumes. It should also recover data from the HFS+ and HFSX formatted volumes.

For this, you can download the demo version of the software from internet and can evaluate the recovery outputs and if you find yourself satisfied with the software then you can download the complete version of the software. The most advantageous point is that you can see the result before downloading the full version software. As the software are very easy for users to interact with.

How mac disk recovery helps to recover lost data?

Hard disks are non volatile storage devices that can preserve data without electrical power. Even though the power is off, data is not lost from hard disk. This is only component in your system that can store and retain data. These disks are operated by running needles across a spinning disk. When hard disk are installed in your system it makes use of three components called jumpers, hard disk interface and power connector. A jumper is a connector that acts as an on or off switch for hard disk. Hard disk interface attaches disk to system. Power connector is used to connect hard disk into power supply of your system. When platters in a hard disk starts spinning, read or write head moves into a position from where it can read data from disk. Tracks are circles on the disk where data is saved on the magnetic surface of the platter. As hard disks are present inside your computer it is able to access and process the data faster than any other removable storage media. Hard disk are preformatted when they are manufactured. If they are not formatted, you have to format them while installing OS. To organize and locate data stored on hard disk, file systems are used. These control the directories and files that are stored on disk. The various file systems used by the Mac OS X are HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32.

Mac OS X is also prone to corruption like other operating system due to corruption of volume header, improper shut down of Mac, Disk verify and Repair tool fails etc. These scenarios lead to data loss from Mac where you have to rely on mac disk recovery to recover lost data.

In previous versions of Mac OS, file consists of two parts i.e., data fork where data is stored and resource fork where file meta data, application information are stored. HFS+ can store two pieces of meta data i.e., creation date and modification date of a file. This file system is more concern how to allow files to store in multiple forks. Using Mac OS X 10.6, disk utility can be used to divide single volume into multiple volumes without reformatting original volume. The File Manager Utility takes care of reading, writing and storing data on physical media. This also collects data to retain HFS and controls files, directories and other items.

Remo Recover (Mac) Basic edition is capable of recovering files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 partitions or volumes. This software performs thorough scanning to recover lost files from inaccessible volumes. This software has the capability to recover files from accidentally formatted Mac volumes. This utility has the ability to locate and recover files from accidentally deleted volumes. This tool is capable of recovering files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, USB external drives, different flash memory cards like SD cards, XD cards, MMC, Memory sticks, FireWire Drives, iPods etc. When you download demo version of the tool, you are provided to preview recovered data prior to restoration.

Best Macintosh Recovery Software to recover digital photos on Mac

Photos play a very important role in the daily lives of most people especially in the present scenario when social networking and social media has gained so much of importance. Photos can be categorized mainly as two different categories depending on the file format and the compression type. Images captured using Point and Shoot cameras are usually of the generic type and are compressed up to a certain extent. These images include JPEG, PNG, GIF and many others. These images are of less quality and are compressed to a certain extent. Images taken using advanced DSLR cameras are of RAW format and are a digital negative of the captured images. These images have zero compression and hence are of top clarity.

Once images are captured they are usually stored in a memory card which is used in a digital camera. The type of memory card that is used depends on the digital camera that is being used. Usually SD card and CF cards are made sue of in digital cameras. These images are then usually transferred to a computer that is running on Windows or Mac for editing and sharing over the network. As there are various third party tools available for editing photos, it has become very easy to organize, edit and share photos both on Windows and Mac.

In Windows there are photo libraries like Windows Photo Gallery which comes with Windows Live and there are also other photo editing tools that come along with purchase of the digital camera. Mac by default provides a variety of photo editing tools which come along with the operating system. Some of them include the iPhoto library, Aperture etc. These photo libraries are really helpful for the user as they are easy to use and also serve the purpose. The very fact that Mac OS X provides applications that support media files has made many users especially photography enthusiasts shift from Windows to Mac.

However, photo loss is something that is common both on Windows and Mac OS X. Loss of photos could occur due to various reasons like accidental deletion, accidental formatting or re-partitioning of volumes, and due to many other reasons like Catalog record corruption or Journal File corruption. Files could also get deleted when they are being transferred from one storage media to another due to improper ejection of the removable media or corruption of that particular storage media. However, the deleted or lost images can be recovered as they have not been deleted permanently. This is possible with the help of a good Macintosh Recovery Software.

Remo Recover (Mac) Media Edition software is a powerful photo recovery tool that can recover deleted or lost photos from both HFS+ and HFSX volumes on Mac OS X. The software lets you perform digital photo recovery on Mac OS X with ease and recover all the deleted and lost photos. The software supports Mac OS X 10.5.x and above which makes it suitable for a variety of users.