Here’s How Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Can be Made Easy

“I accidentally formatted hard drive and due to this the entire data of the drive get erased from Mac computer. It was containing important files also. Now it is needed me to recover lost files. Is there any best way of recovering files which can perform in few clicks? If so, please make me know about the easy way of recovering so that I can restore lost data on my Mac computer.”

With the advancement in the technology, now it is possible to recover lost data from the hard drive of the Mac computer. It is also much simple to recover lost file due to format or any other reason, you needed to make use of powerful recovering software like Hard Drive Data Recovery Software which is strong inbuilt scanning engine. This software can easily perform recovery of lost hard drive data at just few clicks. While recovering the files, it scans the entire device within less span of time and gets back the files from the hard drive of Mac computer. Before this, let us discuss the extra features of the hard drive data.mac hard drive data recovery

As we all know very well the main feature of the hard disk drive as it is used to store the files. With the help of this storing device, you can save the different files like audio, video, image, games, software, applications, contacts, calendar, tasks, and many more files. These files are supported to save with the different file extension and users can access the files whenever needed. Hard drive is one of the crucial components of Mac computer as it is important for the users to save their personal data. Even these drives have facility to make partitions for convenient purpose if the data size increases.

Although hard drive containing these many features then also files get lost from it due to several reasons. Here at this stage, instead of worrying make use of recovery tool which is mentioned above and get easily recover lost files from hard drive of Mac computer. Now let us see how the files get lost from the hard drive of Mac computer.

Scenarios in which files get lost from HDD:

  • When the user format the hard drive will leads to the erasing of entire data from the drive. Formatting means removing all files at a time from the drive. So if the drive gets format then data get lost from the hard drive of Mac computer.
  • Users can delete the files accidentally from the hard drive and this is accidental case in which files get deleted from the drive due to the negligence of the users.
  • When the files are affected with the virus, then the third party software delete the files without intimation to the users and this third party tool delete virus infected file automatically from the hard drive. So in this scenario, there is chance of losing vital files too from the hard drive of Mac computer.

In the above scenarios, files get lost from the hard drive of the Mac computer. If you want to get back the lost files then you should opt for Mac hard drive data recovery and this can be perform with the help of HDD Recovery Software. This software can perform recovery of lost files from the hard drive with ease on almost all the latest version of the Mac operating system.

Simple Solution to Recover Files from External Hard Drive

Few days back, my external hard drive performance has decreased and it was responding very slowly. So, finally I decided to format my external hard drive in order to improve the performance of my external hard drive but unfortunately I forget to take the backup of my important files stored on external hard drive.  After completing the formatting process, suddenly I realized that my entire hard drive data storage is gone. This is the most wounded situation for me which I never faced before and started thinking How is it possible to recover data from external hard drive?

After reading lots of article on internet I got the idea for recovering data from external hard drive. It is very simple and can be completed in a few steps by using Disk Recovery tool.

Common Scenarios of data deletion from external hard:

  • Accidental deletion: While deleting the data from computer using “Shift+ Delete” option can cause permanent deletion of data from your external hard drive. In such scenarios, recovering data from external hard drive is required. Some other scenarios of accidental data deletion is power surge while moving the files from one storage location to another using Cut and Paste method that can cause data deletion from your external hard drive.
  • Formatting: Formatting the internal hard drive accidentally will lead to deletion of entire data stored inside the external hard drive. Sometimes user might do partial formatting of drive which corrupts the file system on the external hard drive this is another reason for deletion of data from external hard drive.
  • Reformatting/re-partitioning: Reformatting/re-partitioning of file system without taking prior back up of stored data on external hard drive can cause the data deletion from external hard drive and other scenarios like unexpected system shutdown while converting the file system from one format to another can also cause data deletion from external hard drive.
  • External hard drive issues: Boot sector corruption, MBR corruption, virus and malware infection  also cause the deletion of data from external hard drive and prior recovery of deleted data is required.

If you come across these above mentioned data deletion scenarios on Windows or Mac computer then you do not need to be panic .You can easily recover these deleted files by using Disk Recovery tool. Disk Recovery tool is the most reliable, compatible and widely used tool i.e. specially designed for data recovery from external hard disk.

Features of Disk Recovery tool:

  • Disk Recovery tool is for used recovering data from external hard drive on Windows operating systems of all the latest versions like Windows XP, Vista,7,8, 10, 2203 server and 2008 server etc.
  • It also allows recovering deleted data from Mac operating system platforms in all latest versions like Leopard, Lion and Mavericks etc.
  • The tool designed with additional scanning algorithm that quickly scans all deleted files like audio, video, documents, images, text etc.
  • It can also recovers the data from other secondary storage devices like flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks etc.
  • This tool recovers the data from following types of external hard drives like: ADATA, Buffalo Technology, Seagate, IoSafe etc.

Simplest Way to Recover Data after Not Formatted Error .

“Recently, I ran into a problem accessing my Seagate 1 TB External Hard Drive. Every time when I turn it on, Windows says my external hard drive is not formatted and asks me if I want to format it. It’s really annoying! How can I fix this problem without losing my data?” Here is some error message my computer gives me

“You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it.”
“Disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now?”

Have you ever encountered these kind of error messages? Most of the people don’t know what kind of context I’m talking about. Let’s go straight and find out what exactly “Not formatted error” and “Not formatted error recovery is. Hope it is helpful! (Want to know more? Click on this link)

What exactly is not formatted error mean indeed:

This error may be caused by many reasons, say virus attacks or power failure, etc. When you check it in disk management, it might be healthy, but it might have no file system and drive letter. When this happens, we call it a RAW drive. That means, the disk is not prepared to be used within the operating system or the data can no longer be read due to data corruption, while every floppy disk or hard disk/drive needs to be formatted with a particular file system before being used, thus we get the “disk is not formatted” message when try to access a RAW disk. There are some rumors in the market that a particular brand disk gets such kind of error constantly, but I’d like to tell you people is it is just myth not true. Such kind of errors occurs regardless of your disk brand.

Steps to follow when system shows not formatted error:

If you need to access disk then you’ve to format it. Here is the problem come, in this process, we lose our data. So we recommend you to use Formatted Drive Recovery Software to recover data from the RAW drive before going any further. Since you cannot access the RAW drive when it shows not formatted error, you need to look for another way to access files. When encountered this error, first you can try to plug it into a different USB port or plug it into another computer. Sometimes it works. Otherwise, you can try ‘Formatted Drive Recovery’ utility. It is most workable data recovery software available in the market which allows us data recovery after not formatted error. It copies your data to a computer and then format the drive. It is the easiest and fastest solution.

Some notable features of the Formatted Drive Recovery software:

It scan the entire drive to retrieve data within minimal amount of time.
Using this utility you can even restore data from deleted or inaccessible partitions.
Data lost due to partitioning errors can be recovered easily with the assistance of this program.
Taking the help of this software, you can even get back lost data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions, which has been formatted.
Supports recovery of data from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, external USB drives, FireWire Drives, iPods.
This prominent app also facilitate you for recovering data from formatted SD card, USB drive, external HDDs, etc.
Supports recovery of compressed files from NTFS, exFAT, FAT, etc. formatted drives.
Save disk space by creating compressed zip archives of the recovered files and folders.

Recover data from SSD hard drive in an effective way

Are you an individual who has lost data from SSD hard drive? After losing data from hard drive, you are looking for best possible way to recover lost data. Here I want to tell you that you can recover every bit of data by making the use of recovery tool. You can use one of the famed recovery tools of current time named Recover Formatted. With the help of this tool, you can recover data from formatted hard drive with ease.  This tool is effective in recovering various types of data files from formatted drive such as audios, videos, photos and so on. Apart from this, it supports various versions of Windows such as Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and so on.  This app is effective in recovering data form formatted hard drive such as SSD hard drive, memory cards, USB drives, system hard drives, flash drives, etc and capable to recover lost data on both working environment such as Windows as well as Mac.

Let us go through some reasons in detail that can lead to formatting of SSD hard drive and you can face severe data loss.  Actually formatting error arises due to corruption of file system whenever file system corrupts then you have to format the hard drive unwillingly. One of the biggest reasons behind the corruption of file system is virus attack. Virus attack happens mainly, when you connect system to internet and do not have proper security on your system.  When you connect system to internet then it is suggested that your system equipped with updated antivirus. If it is not happened and you connect system to internet then there is a chance of relocation of network virus into system. Once it is entered into system then further it might damage file system of SSD hard drive. Further, you have to face inaccessible condition and here in such a condition formatting is must. After formatting, you can make use of the above-mentioned tool and effectively recover lost data in an effective way. For more detail, you can visit this link:

There are several other data loss scenarios such as improper shutdown, file system conversion, resizing, power surges and so on, which can lead to formatting issues and in entire data loss issues you can make use of above-mentioned tool for successful recovery. But to perform effective recovery, keep in mind don’t make use of the hard drive after formatting. It is because when you use the drive further then there is a chance of overwriting data location from where the data retrieval is needed. When it is happened then it is possible that you lose some of your vital files permanently from drive. Before overwriting, you can make use of the Recover Formatted tool and recover data from formatted SSD hard drive effectively.