How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive?

hard-driveNow a days, people are using external hard drives for saving their personal and professional data. These external hard drives are used to keep various types of data including images, videos, audios, documents, text files, etc. External hard drives are very easy to use, have very large data storage capacity and small in size. Due to these advanced features of external hard drives, people refer these hdd to save and also keep the backup of their precious data on these drives. Beside these advanced features of external hard drives, sometimes, people may face data deletion or loss issue from their external hard drive.

Data deletion or loss is one of the most common issues faced by people across the globe. After encountering such problem, people want to get back their deleted or lost data at any cost because it can be their important office or personal data. Once the data gets deleted from an external hdd, it lost permanently unlike as system hard drive where it moves to recycle bin folder. In order to recover data from external hard drive, people need to an advanced recovery program which enables them to restore each bit of information as it was previously. Data Recovery is one of the trusted recovery application which is enough capable to get back deleted data in simple few mouse clicks.

Before talking about this Data Recovery Software for external drive let us discuses some cause behind data deletion or loss from external hard drive:

Accidental Formatting: Incorrectly formatting external hard drive is one of the most common causes behind data deletion from external hdd. During formatting other drives, people chose external drive connected with the system and face data deletion or loss issue from external drive.

File System Corruption: It is a data structure used by operating system in order to maintain, read or write the information stored in external drive.  If file system get damaged due to any known or unknown issue which can be reason behind data deletion or loss.

Improper Handling: ejecting external hdd at the time of data transferring process is going on will be a reason behind data loss from external drive.

Virus Attacks: It is a small computer program which is specially developed for deleting or damaging the information saves in storage device. If external drive gets infected with these harmful viruses, then there is chance of data deletion or loss from it.

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are the damaged memory area which occurs due to improper handling of external drive or power surge. If any data saves in this damaged area will be unreachable and people will face data deletion issue.

Whatever can be a cause behind data deletion or loss from external drive as mentation above; people can utilize an efficient app like Data Recovery Software for external drive and easily recover their data by following simple steps. This ready to use program has designed and developed by expert IT professionals with the help of advanced scanning algorithms which performs deep scanning of external hard drives and restore information as it was previously. People can utilize this application to perform data recovery for external drive which can be manufactured by any brands such as Toshiba, WD, Samsung, Buffalo and Seagate. This data recovery software for external drive supports all the latest versions of Mac and Windows operating systems.

Software to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

External hard drive is one of the popular storage device among all the users to store data. External HDD are usually used in addition to the internal hard drives, just we need to connect external drives using data cables to transfer or write a huge amount of data. They facilitates users to store their confidential files, sensitive files or other precious data, then unplugged it and preserve in safe place. It is portable storage medium and users finds that external hard drive is convenient for them. External HDD comes with large storage capacity. Besides of these advantages, there is chance of getting users data loss due to many reasons.

Consider an instance, imagine that you are busy in working on your PC and want to access some files which are stored in external hard drive. You connect it to the system and found that your external hard drive is not working or detecting. You got tensed and may think why this external hard dive is not detecting? You need not to worry, because by reading this article you will come across of all your queries like how to recover external drive data. Restoring your important data from external hard drive is now possible with Recover External Drive Tool.

Many users use external hard drive to backup there important data such as videos, audios, photos, documents files and many other information. If you cannot afford of losing important files from external HDD, then you can employ Recover External Drive software which enables reliable solution to recover external drive data which may lost due to many reasons like crashing or corruption of external drives, formatting external HDD, etc. Before going further, you should know there are some major scenarios where important data might get lost or corrupted.

Causes which leads to data loss in external hard drive:

  • When users connect there external hard drive to many computers to transfer data, there is possibility of intrusion of viruses and worms into external HDD which cause to data loss problem.
  • Assume that external hard drive is attached to PC and at the same time you thought to reinstall the OS. In this process instead of formatting ‘C’ drive you have formatted external hard drive by mistake this lead to severe loss of data.
  • When external storage drive is full and user wants to delete some unwanted files to free space in external drives user may accidentally delete important files from drives then it lead to loss of data.
  • External hard drive is connected to PC and user abruptly unplugs data cable from system, when it is writing or reading data.

Apart from above told scenarios some other reasons for loss of files are sudden formatting, deleting files from external HDD, etc. No matter how your data is lost, Recover External Drive tool is capable to recover external drive efficiently.

Finest Features of Recover External Drive Tool:

Recover External Drive Software is best suitable for recovering data from Windows and Mac OS based PC. This utility is one of the possible solutions for external hard drive recovery without any difficulty. It is designed with powerful algorithm techniques which scan the entire external hard drive with ease and make duplicate copy of data, restores them in storage drives without harming the original data.

It is particularly designed for retrieving data from various types of external hard drives such as WD, Buffalo, Seagate, Apple, Toshiba, etc. This tool has ability to recover external drive data more affective way. By using this software you can avoid bad sectors of external hard drive by creating disk image files. It can recover data from different Memory cards or USB flash drives with irrespective of their brands like SanDisk, Sony, Kingston, Hitachi, Fujifilm, ADATA, Transcend, Lexar, etc.

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

External hard drives are one of the most widely used devices for saving user data. Almost every computer user now carries an external hard drive to save his data onto it so that it can be carried along wherever he goes. One of the most prominent reasons why users prefer external hard drive is for its huge storage capacity which lets you save countless number of files on it.

External hard drives too suffer from data loss scenarios, just like every other data storage device. At such situations, you may end up losing all your data off it so it is highly necessary to carry a backup for all the data that is present on your external hard drive.

The backed up data always needs to be saved elsewhere and not on the same external hard drive so that it is safe. Losing data can be frustrating, especially to the users who don’t have a backup for their external hard drive but however you can still get all your lost or missing data back from your external hard drive by making use of an external hard drive recovery software on your computer.

An external hard drive recovery software is generally used to recover data from external hard drive that might be lost or deleted. There can be various external hard drive recovery software’s but it is safe to always rely on a trusted software like the one used in the below tutorial video.

Here, you can watch how to recover data from external hard drive by having a certified external hard drive recovery software installed on your computer.

The above used software is one of the most trusted application for recovering data from an external hard drive. It is the most widely used application and is also regarded as the safest software for recovering data from external hard drive.

External hard drive as we all know can have countless number of files saved on it by the user. Due to uncertainties, these files can go missing all of a sudden. In such conditions, it is necessary to make use of an external recovery software that has the ability to recover huge volumes of data without crashing or lagging. It must also identify as many files as possible from an external hard drive which can be of any size.

The external hard drive recovery software used in the above video can achieve all the requirements which make it the most recommended external hard drive recovery tool. An external hard drive needs to be put away from all read and write scenarios after a user has lost/deleted data from it and wants to recover it back again. this is because, the lost/deleted data from your external hard drive will still remain in the memory which can easily be recovered by making use of a recovery software but whereas, if the external hard drive was continued to be used by the user then new data which might have been written onto it might overwrite the data which you were supposed to recover. This means the data  which was meant to  be recovered is now lost permanently and can never be recovered back again. So, for one to recover data from external hard drive successfully, it is highly important to not write any new data onto the drive again.

Why this External Hard Drive Recovery Software?

  • It uses a fast recovery technique that can recover data from external hard drive within a small period of time.
  • You can recover files of any size or type.
  • It is the only software that can recover data from external hard drive of any brand and storage size.
  • The user interface is designed to reduce the navigations required for recovering the data from an external drive.
  • It then gives you the option to save all your recovered data to any folder on your computer.

Easiest way to recover data from formatted USB drive

“Few days back, once I got finished my work with USB drive then thereafter I did not follow “safely remove option”, I ejected the drive directly by taking out. I was really bad one from my side because after I connected USB drive to my computer there was an error message appears on monitor. I became in shock to face this kind of formatting error message on my computer. I had tired a lot of times however the result was same. I was not capable to think the best way to tackle this sort of situation. I did not wish to format the USB drive, it is simply because drive had my vital data. So I decided to take assistance of the Google. From where I encountered an effective reply. I acquired that here in this type of condition formatting is must; you were unable to evade this thing to occur. However, you can recover your vital by making recovery tool. I searched further and lastly I acquired a tool named Formatted Hard Drive Recovery, I made use of this tool and effectively restored every bit of the data within an efficient way.”

If you are intending through the same problem and not capable of finding a powerful tool to extract lost data then this tool is boon for you personally. There is no need to visit to file recovery expert, simply make utilization of this tool and effectively restore data from USB drive/external drive in short while. But data recovering is not only simple as you are thinking, a number of your act may make you incapable to revive data effectively from USB drive. Once you format the drive for more read write operation then it is strongly recommended that don’t take advantage the drive further. Simply because, if you use the drive further then it may result in overwriting of location, from where data retrieval is need. If it has happened then there could be possibility that you could lose some of your vital file on account of overwriting. Before overwriting, you possibly can make utilization of the above-mentioned tool and effectively restore USB drive data easily. For additional detail, you can check out this link:

Let us experience some popular unexpected formatting causes. One of the primary reasons for the intentional formatting condition is virus attack. It takes place whenever you connect USB drive to virus infected PC, once you do this then there is a possibility of relocation of virus into drive. Further, it could damage file system corruption and when it is corrupted then you might face formatting error while accessing UBS drive. Interruption between file transfer process and logical bad sector are also important aspects for loss of data. It is possible to locate many unseen cause of the corruption of file system and additional it results in formatting error. In case you encounter this then there is no requirement to be fret in this condition you may make utilization of previously discussed tool to retrieve data from formatted USB hard disk effortlessly.