Outlook data migration – Basic Guidelines

The need to migrate outlook data arises when you upgrade older version of Microsoft Outlook to newer version, upgraded your operating system or want to move outlook pst file onto a new computer. Old emails and contact lists are very important stuffs for any outlook user. It is advisable to backup your outlook emails and settings before performing the migration process.

Moving a pst file to a different location on the same computer is very simple. Firstly, find the location of the PST file on your computer. Then, close outlook and move the pst file to the new location, here you can also use the technique to rename the pst file. Now, restart outlook, when you are prompted for the location of the missing PST file, point to the file in its new location.

The migration process is not easy if you are moving your pst files to a new computer. It may be because of the large size of .pst files or may be that you have already set up Outlook with a profile on the new machine. Its better to rely on a backup/migration utility for this complicated process, rather than landing in a situation of losing your important outlook data permanently.

Backingup outlook emails and migrating them is made simple by REMO. Use REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate to Migrate and Backup Outlook Emails & settings. It creates backup of Outlook data files with a couple of clicks and allows you to restore them any time you want. Compatible with Windows XP and Vista Outlook Backup & Migrate software works great for migrating your Outlook data, from one environment to another.

With today’s use of email you almost cannot afford to lose a single email or your entire mail archive. Outlook Backup & Migrate turns out to be extremely easy and will make your migration process less stressful without losing any outlook email data.