Know How to Fix CRC Error in AVI Video File

AVI files are the media files which contain both the audio and vision data. It is advanced file format of the video files which improved the quality of the video file when compared to the other file formats of the video file. It contains digital data in  .avi file extension format  that allow the user to synchronous audio with video playback like the other file format DVD video file format. As we all know about the video file that it makes the users to understand the concept of the data contain in it. Due to these features of AVI media file, people are much crazier about this file.

AVI is the file which is designed for improving the quality of the video media files and these files doesn’t specify about how the data is encoded. Codecs files are useful to specify the encoding of the audio and video data. The main function of these codecs files are mainly two. One reason is that it let you know how to encode or compress the video file and the other function of these codec files is it let you play the files on the different media AVI file CRC error

Normally same codec is used for both compressing the files and also playing the video file on the different media files. If the codec used to compress file is not installed on user’s computer, then user will not able to play the video on media player and might encounter with CRC error. If CRC error takes place, then AVI video files becomes unplayable on any media player. If this thing happened with your AVI video files then get the powerful repair software like Video Repair Software which is included with many advanced features. This software can easily repair AVI file CRC error as it has strong algorithm isolated within it.

When CRC error encounter to AVI video files:

  • CRC error may encounter while downloading the AVI files from the internet server. This is happened when you downloaded files from the unauthorized site.
  • When you try to download the AVI files from the inbox mails, there is chance that CRC error may take place to the AVI video files.
  • While burning the AVI video files on CD’s, DVD’s, there is chance that AVI video files get affected with the CRC errors.

If these errors happened to the AVI video files, then these files become inaccessible and it may results in unplayable of the video files on the different media players. To make these files again playable on different media player, firstly you should know more about how to fix CRC error in AVI files? As this may help you in easy repairing of files which can make again AVI files as useful files. Now let us see the features of this repair tool.

Unique features of Video Repair Software:

  • This Utility can easily identify the errors which makes the AVI video file inaccessible with the help of its internal designed program.
  • After repairing these AVI files with the help of this software can be playable on the different versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It supports to repair AVI files from the different storage medium such as hard drives, SD cards, XD cards, and USB drives.

Solution to Fix Broken AVI File Mac

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a multimedia container designed by Microsoft. AVI contains both audio and video data in a file container. It takes lots of time and effort to download AVI files. Sometimes your AVI get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons as a result of which you are not able to play such files. It is a horrible condition when you are able to access AVI files.

However no need to worry if you are not able to play broken AVI files Mac. You can make use of Repair AVI tool to fix broken AVI file Mac within few simple steps. By using this AVI repair tool, you can easily fix broken AVI files on Mac with ease. This software can be downloaded and installed on all the latest version of Mac such as Lion, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. Apart from AVI files, this application is capable in fixing DivX and XviD created on different brands of camcorder. You can make use of this hassle free application that fixes broken or damaged files and then restore on any storage device. This application is available online across the world to repair AVI video files in a perfect way.

Reasons due to which AVI files get corrupted or damaged

Conversion of File Format: Sometimes while converting video from one format to another in order to make it compatible with particular device if certain error happens then there is high possibility that video file get corrupted or damaged. As a result of which you are unable to access such files.

Virus Attack: Virus attack is another reason which is responsible for corruption of AVI video files. While downloading AVI video file through unauthorized sites virus enter into the system. As a result of which files get corrupted that are stored in system.

Improper Installation of Media Player: Media players are used to play video files. Sometimes due to improper installation of such player your video files gets corrupted or damaged and you are unable to access video files.

You can use this software to overcome the above mentioned scenarios effectively. This software has numerous advantages over other fixer tool. It is the most reliable tool that fixes damaged AVI files created on all popular brands of camcorders such as Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Canon etc.

Features of Repair AVI Tool

  • Repair AVI tool can be easily downloaded on all the latest version of Mac operating system.
  • This software requires very less space for installation on any operating system.
  • You can preview fixed AVI file before restoration on any storage device. This feature allows user to view the efficiency of this application.
  • It has a special feature named Find Option which allows user to search file according to file name, file size and file type.
  • This software fix corrupted or damaged AVI files with few mouse clicks.
  • 24X7 technical support team is available to provide assistance to users.
  • By using this effective tool, you can fix audio and video not synchronized AVI files efficiently.

How to Repair Corrupt AVI File in CamStudio?

AVI is a media file used for playing videos. It was created by Windows to play videos file. It is a multimedia container format that plays both audio and video files in a synchronized way. It is used as the default file format for many applications like CamStudio, Windows movie maker, etc. Though it performs many options to entertain the users, the files may get corrupted sometimes.

Say for example, while recording an AVI video file using CamStudio app, your system got froze accidentally. You had to restart your computer forcefully. After restarting you just opened your application folder to see that video file. Fortunately, it was there, but it got damaged. What will you do in such a situation?

Dont worry! You can perform CamStudio Avi Repair with the help of Repair AVI Software. You can repair CamStudio AVI file easily using this tool.Some of the common scenarios of video file damage are shown below.

Interruption while File Conversion: When you try to convert your AVI file to MP4 file format using an unauthorized third party application, then your AVI file may get corrupted or damaged.

  • Compressing The Video Files: Sometimes compressing of a CamStudio AVI file using third party tools may result in the complete damage of that file. As a result you cannot access that file.
  • System Freeze: Imagine, you are working with your CamStudio to create some files. In that situation your computer got froze. You are forced to restart your system. At that time the CamStudio file you were working will get corrupted.
  • Video Header File Missing: The header file is the important thing to play a video. It may get corrupted due to several errors. If the header file gets corrupted, the CamStudio AVI file cannot be played.
  • Application Freeze: Say that, you are working with your CamStudio. Suddenly your application has crashed. At this time there may be chances for your CamStudio file to get corrupt.
  • Improper Download: Take the situation as, you are downloading a CamStudio AVI file from a network location. But it has failed due to poor network coverage in your location. In this situation, your AVI file may get damaged.
  • File Transfer Errors: At the time of transferring your CamStudio AVI file from one location to another location there are chances for your file to get damaged.
  • Usage of Third Party Tools: Using an unauthorized video player to play CamStudio AVI file may damage such a file. As a result of this situation the file becomes unreadable.

Many of the CamStudio users are encountering these types of problems. These problems may occur at any time. If your CamStudio AVI video file got damaged in any situation, make use of this Repair AVI tool to repair that AVI file.

What is the speciality of this Software?

Repair AVI software collects the information from your source file, fix it and creates a fresh copy of the repaired AVI file. This tool helps you to fix the damage on your file without making any changes to your source file. This tool uses deep scanning algorithm to fix the corrupted or damaged file. Files that are damaged due to improper download or improper conversion can also be repaired by this software. This tool can also fix other types of video format like XVID, DIVIX, Etc.

Repair CamStudio AVI File

Camstudio AVI file format contains both video and audio files within it and synchronous audio with video playback. However like other file systems Camstudio AVI files are prone to problems like corruption or even or maybe damage, which ultimately making Camstudio AVI files unplayable. In order to fix Camstudio avi you need to have efficient file repair utility like Camstudio AVI repair application. This tool is usually recommended by industry experts to repair Camstudio AVI files which will not play.

This Camstudio AVI repair software is most beneficial utility to fix corrupted, damaged, unavailable Camstudio AVI files. This software lets you preview the Camstudio AVI files before repairing. When the file is fixed, you will be capable of view all your unplayable or infected video files without having interruptions. This application incorporates a powerful in-built algorithm to fix the error without modifying an original data. This tool           is available in two separate versions for Windows as well as Mac systems. Therefore, if you |find any problem playing the video files in different operating system, just obtain the Camstudio AVI file repair tool for repairing Camstudio AVI file.

Following would be the reasons for Camstudio AVI file corruption

  • Severe corruption of Camstudio AVI file header brings Camstudio AVI file corruption
  • Creation of bad media spots on Camstudio AVI video file
  • Improper use of digital camcorder that is being used to record Camstudio AVI file
  • Incompatibility of supporting Codec results in Camstudio avi file corruption
  • Improper compression of AVI video file on Mac machine also lead to Camstudio AVI file corruption
  • Broken frames in audio or video data streams can corrupt the Camstudio AVI file
  • File conversion errors that you may face while converting video file format from one format to other
  • AVI video file corruption on Mac after file transfer process. At this stage a third party tool is required for AVI file repair on Mac
  • Interruptions while downloading Camstudio AVI video file from internet results in incomplete file download
  • Drive file system corruption where Camstudio AVI file is stored also results in Camstudio AVI file corruption

Features of Camstudio AVI repair software are shown below

  • This AVI repair software is cable to repair Camstudio AVI files and fix DivX and XviD video files within moments of seconds.
  • Using this tool one can easily repair corrupt Camstudio AVI file lost due to frequent conversion of the formats.
  • You can also use demo version of this software in order torepair Camstudio AVI file and thus, you can evaluate the performance of repairing process.
  • This software can fix CamStudio AVI file on Mac of different versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, etc.
  • Additionally, it also helps you to repair CamStudio AVI file on different versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and more.
  • Using this magnificent tool you can even fix broken video files on MP4 player and smart phone.
  • This AVI repair software Fixes corrupt or damaged .avi file formats that do not play
  • By using this software you can repair your AVI files if these encountered with Synchronization error
  • This software also Supports devices like hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drive and various types of memory cards

Above mentioned features of AVI repair tool make it as best tool to repair Camstudio AVI files. Above mentioned popular features of AVI repair tool make it as best tool to repair Camstudio AVI files. For further information on AVI repair tool you click here: